Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogging for me???

WOW!!! just did an internet search and found my blog!! I had forgotten all about it! I've been so busy with the website and all of our shows this past year. We tried many new shows and LOVED them. The Northwest Arkansas Boutique Show was the BOMB. We are planning on returning in the spring.

We have participated in some blog give ways this year. That was new for us and got a lot of traffic to our site.

We hope everyone had a fantastic year in 2010 and wish you the best in 2011.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Team Pendants

Since we had lots of snow, I've had extra time to create MORE team pendants! If you need a team that I don't have on my site, just ask.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 2010

Hope this new year brings lots of love and happiness to all of our specials friends and clients!!
New Website-

We are so excited about this new year and our new designs!!
We have added the always favorite Silhouette pendants to the website. Prices Range from $30-38

Team Mom Pendants are always a SuPer Hit!!

As always, custom orders are welcome!

As we like to say...
Shop till you drop, or die tryin!

Valentines Day is right around the corner...
This special piece is just right!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

WebSiTe Up And RuNnInG!!

Our new website is up and running!! The shoppng cart is ready to go. We are still listing merchandise and will contiue to do so.

** Due to a family emergency we were unable to attend the Rodeo. We are sad and sure missed seeing everyone. Please keep us in your prayers, Mom's health is much more important!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

NeW WeB-SiTe And RoDeO ShoW

We are currently working on our NEW web site. It should be ready with merchandise added by the middle of July. I'm's a lot of work.

Once it is up and running, we will give away $15.00 gift certificates at the beginning of each month. Just subscribe to our emails on the new web site.

**Remember still under construction. You can check it out, we just don't have merchandise listed.***

Same Designs By Janet name, just add a d on the end. Someone else already had the name without the d.

We are adding another show to our summer line up. We will be at the Rodeo of the Ozarks July 1-4 in Springdale, Arkansas. Will have lots of fun stuff!! Hope to see you then!

Monday, June 1, 2009

SOLD JUNE 9 **NeW PrEsSeD TuRqUoIsE SeT** $48

This is a new style of turquoise! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! The necklace is made using pressed turquoise beads that are 1.5” each. AB crystal beads also add a certain sparkle! The dangle earrings have a .925 sterling hook and are 1.75”. The bracelet has a lobster clasp making it easier to fit all sizes. Necklace is almost 22” and the bracelet is around 7.75-8.75 with extender. Shipping is $4.00-----------SOLD June 9-------------

*MesSaGe BuBbLe* $10

These are so much fun! Choose your wording and background type OR let me know if you see something you like here. The round pendants are one-sided and range from 1-1.5". The square/diamond pendants are 1.5". I have added a large bail. The ribbons and cords are perfect for this type of bail and are $4.00 each. Shipping $3.00

Saturday, May 30, 2009

PeRsoNaLiZeD MoNoGrAm PeNdAnt $14

Choose background color and pattern. Fun, classic or plain
Sizes in inches…*1.5x1 rectangle *2 square *1.5x2rectangle *1.5 square
Need a necklace?? $4.00 plain ball chain. Specify 18, 20 or 22”.
Shipping is $3.00

FuNkY HEArT ChArM SeT $32

FuNkY HEArT ChArM SeT $32
The 3D crystal heart pendant is 2”, the back is fully soldered. A small double bubble is also included. The front has a silver crown and the back has a red heart with wings. A 18 or 20” necklace is included. Shipping $3.00

DoUbLe BuBbLe, WoRd StiX 3 PenDaNt Set $42

**CuStOm 4 U***
The word stick a little over 1.5” and says “ I love my Hubby” the back says “Queen of the House”. The small pendant is a 1” double-sided bubble pendant made with bevel glass. The larger pendant is a 1.5” bevel glass. You can choose the wording you like and the background color.
For the small 1” pendant choose from: black fleur de lis** red heart** red or pink heart w/ wings** silver, pink, blue green or red bling crown**angel wings w/ word fly. Pick any two for the small pendant AND one image for the back of the 1.5”focal pendant. A ball chain necklace is included. Choose 18-22”. Shipping $3.00

DoUbLe BuBbLe PenDaNt Set $32

**CuStOm 4 U***
The small pendant is a 1” double-sided bubble pendant made with bevel glass. The larger pendant is a 1.5” bevel glass. You can choose the wording you like and the background color.
For the small 1” pendant choose from: **word LOVE with bling, pink red blue or greenblack fleur de lis** red heart** red or pink heart w/ wings** silver, pink, blue green or red bling crown**angel wings w/ word fly. Pick any two for the small pendant AND one image for the back of the 1.5”focal pendant. A ball chain necklace is included. Choose 18-22”. Shipping $3.00

HoT MoMmA *ChunKy AgAte* RoDoE QuEeN $48

8 ChuNkY AgAte QuArTz nUggEts ranging from 1-1.5”. I added BlAcK DiAmOn
gLass beads between each nugget. The colors in the black beads are GorGEoUs! Sometimes it has a purple or gold-it just depends how the light hits it! The necklace has a 3 layer cowhide concho pendant. 2 cowhide crosses and a 1” cross concho on top. I sprinkled the pendant with Ab Swarovski Topaz and Crystals. Very Striking!! I also have small agate quartz beads and can make a matching bracelet upon request. Shipping $4.00

CoNcHo GemStOnE BrAcEletS $18

These are very popular... AND this is just a small sampling of the bracelets I make. Colorful turquoise is very popular! I also have zebra and leopard beads that really ROCK! Most of my bracelets are made to fit a 6.5-7.5” wrist. I can shorten or lengthen upon request. These are very POPULAR for little girls too! Choose the style you are looking for and the concho type. Concho: star, cross, bronc, praying cowboy, bronc *A picture of the final product will be mailed to you BEFORE payment is expected. Shipping $3.00

**BLiNg BuBBlE PendAnT** GemStOne NeCkLAcE $38

***You CHOOSE the words and background color.** The 1.5” bubble is two-sided, I used a bevel bubble on both sides. Bevel glass is very clear and shines beautifully! Popular Choices… My Kids Rock, My Kid Rocks, Blessed Grandma, Blessed Mom, Blessed, Prayer, Faith, Softball Mom, Cheer Mom, Football Mom etc. This pendant has been blinged out with swarovski AB crystals. I included pictures of the crowns I use for the back of the pendants. All of my pendants have a hook which allows you to wear the necklace alone or with the pendant. You may subtract $7.00 IF you DO NOT want the crystals on the pendant. (This would be for a custom bubble pendant and gemstone necklace. $31 NO bling on pendant) Shipping $3.00

Word BuBbLe Pendant and Chunky Ball Chain Necklace $18

***You CHOOSE the words and background color.** The 1.5” bubble is two-sided, I used a bevel bubble on both sides. Bevel glass is very clear and shines beautifully! Popular Choices… My Kids Rock, My Kid Rocks, Blessed Grandma, Blessed Mom, Blessed, Prayer, Faith, Softball Mom, Cheer Mom, Football Mom etc. I can bling the pendant out with AB Swarovski crystals upon request. (an additional $7) See Samples of others with crystals on blog. A crown picture will be added to the back of the pendant. Shipping is $3.00

HoT MoMmA *QuEeN* TurQuOiSe CrOwn $45

9 colorful dyed turquoise nuggets, each measuring between 1-1.5”. I added AB CrYstAl beads between each nugget. Very Striking!! The AB Crystal CrOwN is 2.5”across and long. Everyone deserves to be QUEEN!! Shipping $4.00 Email if you would like a matching bracelet or earrings

Friday, May 29, 2009

*WilD WoMaN* NeckLace, Pendant, Bracelet and Earrings $60

This is one of my best sellers!! So HoTT!!
This is a sample of what you will receive.
The red coral, volcanic rock and glass bead necklace can be made to any length. 20-22” is the most popular for this set. The earrings have a .925 sterling hook. The bracelet has a toggle clasp. Please specify your exact wrist size when ordering. I will add length for a perfect fit! The 1.5” pendant has a bevel top. An image of a silver crown on black background is on the back of the pendant. You are going to LOVE this set!! Not interested in all of the pieces? Necklace pendant set is $41 Earrings $7 Bracelet $15 Save a little when purchased as a full set. :0) Shipping is $4.00

BLiNg CoNcHo TurQuOiSe Necklace $34

This necklace looks great with everything! The necklace consists of dyed turquoise and glass beads. The pendant is around 1.5". Choose: cross, star, or western. I blinged out the concho with AB Swarvoski crystals. I added a hook to the concho, wear the necklace with or without. The necklace is 18-20". This necklace is a sample of what you will receive. If you like more pink, blue, etc just let me know. Matching Earrings($7) or bracelet($15) upon request. Shipping is $3.00

*RANCH DIVA* Two Srand & 3D Pendant $48

This is very stunning! You will definitely get noticed with this piece! The necklace consists of 2 strands dyed turquoise, quartz crystals and glass beads. The necklace is 18-21" with extender. Matching earring and/or bracelets upon request. The soldered pendant is around 2". The German Glass Glitter StAr is on a cool zebra print. A quartz crystal and black rondelle bead dangle from the bottom. FREE SHIPPING on this beauty. Just email for more info.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BLiNg DoUbLe BuBBle GeMsToNe SEt $42.00

This is a gorgeous SAMPLE piece!
Each piece will be individually created for you!
Please specify necklace length 18" or 20". All of my necklaces come with a lobster clasp and a 2" extender. If you like more pink turquoise, blue, green- just let me know. The pendant is double sided and will have a crown on the back. I sprinkled AB swarovski crystals for that special BliNg effect! I will email you a picture of your finished piece before shipping.
Sterling hook earrings upon request $7.00.
Specify message and background color. "Blessed, My Kid's Rock, My Kid Rocks, Rockin' Mom, Rockin' G-Mom, Lucky Mom, Faith etc"
Shipping $3.00

Sunday, April 5, 2009

FaMiLy MeMoRieS $65 and Up

<Just in time for Mother's Day!!!
A new Family Pendant Design. The middle pendant is a 2" bevel front and back. The smaller pendants are 1". The middle picture was taken in 1998. The other pictures are last years school pictures. The round pendant has a sweet poem and my kid's nicknames are on the back of their picts! You can mail me picts or email. I can leave in color or make b&w. This custom piece can take me up to 4 weeks depending on my current orders/show schedules. Shipping is $3.00 or pick up at the new show. All orders placed by April 20 ARE guaranteed by Mother's Day!! A perfect gift for Mom or Grandma. My mom hasn't seen this new piece and is getting one for Mother's Day. Email me for more info
Pricing Info...
*2” bevel $22.00
Any photo & choice of inscription on back.
*1” $15.00 each
Any photo and choice of name on back
*Beads and Charms $8.00
*Silver Plated Necklace- $5.00 18-24" your choice
(Sterling necklace add $15.00)

Sample Total $65.00

GiFt CeRtiFiCaTeS

After many requests, we are offering gift certificates!!!! Just email me for more information. This is how they will work... Request the amount and the certificate will be mailed in to the recipent. ADDED BONUS.... When redeeming the certificate, the recepient will receive FrEe ShIpPInG OR 10% off any show. Pick out something you like on the blog or check out the items on photo bucket. Just follow a link on the blog. Shop till you drop!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

DeSiGn AlBUm on Photobucket Pictures

Click on the image below of the Peace necklace with the PhotoBucket album Logo. You will be directed to my photobucket site to see my album of some current designs. Just copy and paste a link if you see a piece you really like. Send all emails to

Happy Shopping!!!

Photobucket Album

New Designs "MoM" ChArM NeCkLacE

PeRsOnAliZeD ChArm PeNdAnT NeCkLaCe $55.00
This necklace features a heart shape pendant with your children's names. It spells out M O M and has a Super Mom word stick. The word stick is two-sided and says I can so it! The pendants come on a tiffany style necklace. So preciuos! A perfect gift for yourself!!

NeW 2009 DesiGnS

PiNk "BiG MoMmA" TuRqUoIse NuGget and CrYsTal NeCkLacE $60.00
The two-sided maltese cross is 2x3". The pendant has a hook and the necklace can be worn with or without the pendant. I haven't seen turquoise thisn big in a long time!!! Simply Gorgeous. I will make it to your length and a matching bracelet will be made upon request. You will love it!!!!!

NeW 2009 DeSiGnS

DoUbLe BuBbLe BlIng "He Hunts I Shop" Double Strand Funky ChunkY Gemstone Necklace Swarvoski Crystals are sprinkled around the bubble. A cute crown is on the back. $48.00

NeW 2009 DeSiGnS

New For Spring 3D Wing BubbLe PendAnts $42.00
**COPY CATS BeWaRe** Sure to be copied by others! Let those chicks try, they can't ever get it quite right!!! You will have the original Designed By Me!!!

Matching BraceLet $16.00

Friday, December 12, 2008

EBay Store Re-Opens

Thank you for a woNdErFul Craft SeaSon!! We take the winter off and sell items on ebay. Our shows will start again in the spring. Keep watching and we'll post show dates in February!

Until then...
Shop from the blog or our Rbay store. Follow this link or search under community for.. Designs By Janet D

cut and paste the following link to go directly to the store.

Thank you for supporting us and buying our products. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

PeRsOnAlizEd PiCtuRe PeNdAnTs

Would you like to see your darling little one in a picture pendant?
A wonderful gift for moms and grandmothers!

Just email a picture to

You may choose a color or black and white picture. I put a precious scripture on the back about children being a gift fom God. A heart charm dangles from the bottom of the pendant.

Pendant sizes:
1.5 square, 1.25 square, 1x1.5 rectangle

Picture Pendant $20.00 Necklace $4.00 Shipping $2.25

Monday, October 6, 2008

OrDeRinG FrOm BlOg

Send an email to

Include item # and a brief description.

If you purchase a purse and jewelry, the shipping fee for the purse only will apply. We want to work with you on the shipping! Please email with any questions. You can mail a payment or pay through paypal. We also take credit cards over the phone. Thank you. Happy Shopping!

EvErY GiRl NeEdS BlInG So.. ShOp TiLL YoU DrOp!!!

**``NeW ItEms AddEd EveRy SuNdAy!!!**``

Sunday, September 21, 2008

HaIr On CrOsS GeMStOne NeCkLaCeS

Item 022 FunKy ChunKy NeCklAce*****SOLD******

WhItE TuRqUoIse Black Bead Necklace 17-21" with extender
Hair on hide Cross Pendant 3x2 1/4 " Cross
BlInGeD OuT with 35 Red and Clear AB SwArV CrYsTals
This necklace is huge and will gets lots of attention!!
$42 shipping $2.50
Matching Bracelet upon Request

Item 023
Apple Green and Pink Turquoise Crystal Necklace
Hair On Hide Cross 3 x 2 1/4 pendant
BlInGed OuT with 28 Green, Pink, and Clear AB Swar Crysatls.
$38 shipping $2.50
Matching Bracelets upon Request

Hair On CrOss GemStone NeCkLaceS

Item 024 ChuNkY TurqUoIse
ChuNky Pink Turquoise Necklace 18 1/2" 925 Clasp
Suede Leather Brown Cross with small 1" silver cross concho
Very Pretty!
$40 Shipping $2.50

***SOLD***025 Green Turquoise and Pink AB Bead Necklace
17 1/2 to 19" with extender
The cross measures 3" x 2 1/4"
A small silver cross concho is in the middle of the cowhide crosses. 22 AB swarv crystals embellish the cross.
AbSoLuTelY StuNnInG!
$42.00 Shipping $2.50
Matching Bracelet upon Request

TurQuOiSe FoCal PenDanT and PeAce PenDant

Item 017 ChArM NeCklAce
Turquoise Focal Pendant with AB Swarv Cross
17-1/2" an extender can be added upon request
This necklace has TONS of hanging charms with 3 soldered pendants (1 turq and 2 glass). Turquoise nuggets, black beads, blue leopard beads, wings, and hearts also decorate the necklace. FAbUlOuS!
$40 Shipping $2.50

Item 018
Rhinestone Peace Sign with Blue Leopard background
Black Bead 17-1/2 to 21 1/2"
$24.00 Shipping $2.50

GeMsToNe NeCkLacEs

Item 009
MiXed Gemstone Necklace With Magnetic Cross Pendant 18"
An extendar can be added upon request. Matching bracelet can also be made upon request! This necklace is adorable and really goes with everything. The AB Crystal Pendant is 2-1/2x 1-1/2 and can be removed to wear the necklace alone. Hot!!
$38 Shipping $2.50

******SOLD*******Item 010 FunKy ChuNkY TuRqUoIsE
Green Turquoise Slab Chunky Necklace
Absolutely Gorgeous!
Length is 21 to 23-1/2"
I love this necklace! The turquoise is beautiful!!
$40 Shipping $2.50

GO HOGS! Gemstone Sets

Item 020 *BEST SELLER!!!
3 strand Turquoise coral necklace 18-21" Length
This necklace can also be made with a 3 strand ReD CoRaL necklace. 18-21" Length
1-1/2 square Go Hogs Pendant $33.00 Shipping $2.50
OR Identical 2" Pendant $38.00 Shipping $2.50

Red Coral, turquoise black bead necklace 18-21" length
Hogs AB Swarv Crystal Red Coral Focal Pendant
$35 Shipping $2.50

TeAm NeCklAcEs

ChOoSe Your Team
1-1/2" Square pendant with Beveled Glass
Team is described on the front and team colors are displayed on the back of each pendant.
Necklace: Black ribbon, black bead, silver bead
$20.00 Shipping $2.25
**Special Oders for local teams can also be made** Email for more details